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Skin-Tracker is your source for the latest skins and skin-related news for H1Z1, PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, Islands of Nyne and more to come. We use non-intrusive ads to cover our costs.
Skin-Tracker is NOT involved in skin trading, gambling or any form of exchange, we do not have middlemans or set-up trading bots for our website, Please be careful when trading!
Drop Rates are not official but based on at least 1000 opened crates, sources are various crate opening videos on youtube, a comprehensive overview is provided via our Blog. This Website is created by xG4nd4lf and STAIRWAVE (Pascal Kuri). You can contact us via the contact form or on various social networks:
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Send us a mail with feedback, bug reports, sugestions etc. We can answer to messages in german and english!